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The times have changed, and the way manufacturers compete in a global economy has metamorphosed.  Lean manufacturing methods have been implemented due to thinner profit margins. Many companies have channeled huge resources to areas they feel will help the organization achieve their mission and goals.  As much as these investments have the potential to generate a good ROI, the ever-increasing costs of retail and distribution channels can minimize the yield. On the flip side, inbound marketing offers top line solutions for the manufacturing industry. It beats what the traditional sales channels can give.

Here are ways inbound marketing can help:

Strong Brand Recognition:

Inbound marketing drives the sales process and helps to build a strong brand. Today’s global and electronic economy needs your business to keep attracting qualified buyers to your firm. Inbound marketing can help you deliver with speed.

Digital Marketing Agency SEO and Social Media marketing
Website Design and SEO Company

Lead generation:

The integration of social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, etc, can help to boost your bottom-line. You can be seen as a leader in your niche while driving strategic growth in every range. It is expedient to get a good inbound marketing firm to work with you in order to set your business at the zenith.

It must be noted that most buyers make up their minds about your business before they contact you. A proper engagement will help to increase the number of clients that you serve. A strong online content or inbound marketing strategy can be the difference of winning more business or losing out to the competition.



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Every manufacturing firm may have the right products and expertise to establish themselves as industry leaders. However, an ineffective marketing solution can truncate the goals of your enterprise. It is wise to work with a dynamic inbound marketing team in order to keep promoting your brand and winning more business.

Digital Marketing Agency SEO and Social Media marketing


  • Isn't digital marketing more expensive than the legacy sales?

    No! This is the biggest misconception out there. There are many hidden cost burden components in legacy sales and marketing that normally fly under the radar.


    Even more importantly, this is not about you! it is about your customer. Their buying trends have changed and buyers have adapted alternate ways to look for your services and do business. The big question is: Will you be there to greet and help prospective clients when they are looking for you, or, you’d rather leave that opportunity on the table for your competition to grab?


    Make sure to book a free 30 min consultation to learn about “the cost of inaction"


  • Do we need to learn everything about Digital Marketing?

    You are going to like this: No! Digital Marketing is one heck of a complicated process that keeps on evolving and changing constantly. Unless this is your core competency, you will find it quite challenging to keep up with all the updates, changes and other crazy stuff that is going on.


    What you need instead, is to determine whether or not you want more leads, sales and business growth. (Make sure you download this awesome do-it-yourself checklist to make a better informed decision) If the answer is yes, then we will do all the heavy lifting while you remain focused on running your business.


  • Can't we do this in-house?

    You sure can do anything you want. But, unless you have a big team (which will end up costing you waaaay more than teaming up with us, specially if you intend to go after the best talent and not intermediate recruits), then No! Not at least without significant compromise.


    Digital Marketing is not a plug-and-play tool to set on autopilot. Instead, it is an interconnected multi-disciplinary giant. It needs care and updates in a regular basis. You will increase your chances and hit rate by doing it properly and will lose market share and opportunities if done staggered. And by this we do not mean to scare you. The good news is that we help you setup and run an online marketing campaign that is focused on your goals.


    Make sure you read this before you make any decision.


  • Isn't it too costly to partner with an agency instead of doing it in-house?

    Definitely not. In fact it is quite the opposite unless you are willing to compromise significantly. Digital Marketing is a multi-disciplinary full time job that needs several different talent experts in different areas to work together. (Such as strategists, researcher and writers, social media experts, search engine experts, art directors, designers and developers)  and one won't be able to figure it out and handle it all.  We recommend reading this article. Here is why you are better off teaming up with us:


    Tangible outcome:

    - One person won't be able to execute all this without significant compromise.

    - We higher top talent to ensure great results. One intermediate associate won't be able to deliver the same.

    - Assembling a team of top talent like ours will cost you several more times than teaming up with us


    Intangible (in first glance) outcome:

    - Less sales allowance (for cold calling, events. travel expenses)

    - Having your sales team spend more time closing rather than chasing

    - Shortening sales cycles


    You can also read this to learn more. We can also run a pricing comparison based on your business model so you can make a better informed decision.


  • Aren't you too expensive?

    First and foremost, we are not cheap! Because we strongly believe that are clients are not after a “cheap” partner. Here is why (We highly recommend reading this). However, we are not expensive either. The idea of being super expensive is usually originated in the quality and our web presentation for which we should say; first, we take that as a complement, thank you very much! and second, we can help you create the same elaborate presentation for your own marketing.


    We are heavily invested and thriving in providing the best “value” rather than just being cheap. We deliver the quality that surpasses its price tag and that is a great value. Having said that, all our pricing are transparent and we do not engage until we have the pricing approved by our clients.


  • How much will it cost?

    From couple hundreds to couple thousands depending on how elaborate you want it to be and how fast you want to see the results. It also depends on your business model and ROI. We will craft the best scenarios possible for you.


    We will provide you with all the different options (and pricing attached) so you can make a better informed decision.

  • How long will it take?

    Online Marketing is an ongoing process and this is how it works:

    - We will help you identify the best tools to reach your goals and objectives.

    - We will then will assist you to prioritize and strategize the process to make sure you will get the optimum results.

    - We will provide you with all the details, including the pricing estimates

    - We will deploy the tools and platforms that are selected and run it as a managed services

    - We will monitor and report the performance and make ongoing adjustments to increase the ROI on the regular basis


    Make sure to schedule a demo to learn more about the solutions and how they can help you grow your business

  • What is the process?

    As complicated as it may seem, it is quite simple!

    - First and foremost, make sure you download and compete do this do-it-yourself checklist. You can make a better informed decision there

    - If you think there is potential, you can setup a free demo and exploratory consultation. Our promise to you, it won’t be a pushy sales pitch whatsoever. The whole point is to educate you about your options

    - You will ask any questions you may have (and there are no such things as bad questions)

    - We will provide you with multiple options and pricing

    - You will ask any other questions you may have

    - You will make a decision which we will respect without any pesky persuasion attempts, promise!

  • Who is this NOT for?

    If you are looking for a quick fix or a "band-aid solutions" then stop reading the rest. If you are also looking for “easy way” and  then you should walk away.


    There are short, mid and log term goals to plan for. Some results appear faster than others and consistency is key. If we agree on that then we have a common ground. see if this is the right for you by this easy to use and quick checklist.


  • Can I find out how well is my website performing already?

    Yes you can! And it is quite easy!

    Type your website URL and the answer will be emailed to you in just a few minutes.



  • How do we figure out where to begin?

    You don’t have to. Make sure to get your free copy of this do-it-yourself checklist to determine if there is value in it for you. You can send it back over to use and we will let you know what you need to do next, for how long and how much. We will leave the decision to you without being pushy or pesky, promise!

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